Our Affiliate Referral Program offer affiliates high payouts for leads with minimal effort on the part of the affiliate. Our Affiliate Referral Program does not require any selling, and is ideal for clients currently doing business-to-business sales that wish to complement their products and services with our electronic payment solutions.


Customer Benefits

  • Accept major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express
  • Increase customer's purchasing power
  • End-to-end credit card processing solutions available for all types of businesses


Affiliate Benefits

  • Earn additional income without selling
  • Convenient access to customers' credit card sales reports
  • Minimal time and effort
  • Minimal training
  • Increase customer loyalty


How Much Can I Make?

Our company offers competitive payouts per lead. Below is the payout commission for our program.

  1. $10 Per Qualified Lead*
  2. $100 Cash Per Deal
  3. $1000 Performance Bonus Per 10 Deals
  4. $2500 Annual Bonus Per 150 Deals

* All qualified leads must include the customer's most recent merchant statements and a completed questionnaire from them. If we don't close the deal, our affiliates will still get paid for the lead.


How Can I Track My Leads?

There are a few methods you can use to forward the leads to us. Once we receive the leads, you will receive detailed reports to track on the progress of these leads.

  1. We provide a web interface (HTML form) to integrate on your web site so it can automatically capture leads around the clock. You can monitor and manage your internet leads using our proprietary web-based sales tracking system.
  2. We assign a dedicated account manager to receive inbound sales leads from you. You will receive a monthly sales report to follow up on the statuses of the leads.


How Do I Get Started?

If you would like more information about our Affiliate Referral Program, please send an email to sales@CreditCardSalesAgent.com or fill the form below and we will contact you soon.

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