Merchant Service Group LLC supplies the latest electronic payment technologies to the merchant industry. As a technology-driven processing provider, we ensure that our sales agents will have access to the most recent innovative payment solutions in the industry. Our full suite of processing solutions are backed by our 24/7 customer and technical support, so our credit card sales agents can feel confident that their merchants will receive the highest level of support. Plus, we provide support in over 12 languages.


Standalone Terminals

Merchant Service Group LLC has partnered with leading suppliers to offer its agents the lowest equipment pricing on today’s most popular standalone card terminals. Our business model pricing for terminals is based on volume. We make an effort to purchase high-volume quantities of terminals so that our agents can enjoy unbeatable wholesale pricing on leading standalone terminal models.


Wireless Terminals

Our agents have access to our suite of mobile swiper and wireless terminal products. Agents can then offer their merchants the speed and efficiency of a modern card processor coupled with the added convenience of mobility. Wireless terminals and mobile swipers are ideal products for restaurant and beauty industry businesses.


Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)

We offer complete turnkey, ready-to-operate ATM solutions that promote additional sales in retail settings and generate additional revenue for merchants. Our agents can offer businesses a wide selection of cash-dispensing ATM units using different connection set-ups. Agents earn a residual income with an upfront commission on every ATM placed.



Check Processing Equipment

Credit card sales agents can add value to their merchants’ businesses through a variety of electronic check service programs developed to help expedite the process of receiving funds. Merchant Service Group LLC offers agents competitive residual payouts for electronic check services, including discount rates, transaction fees, statement fees, and monthly minimum fees.


Integrated Point-of-Sale System

A point-of-sale (POS) terminal is a computerized replacement for a cash register. Our integrated POS systems have the ability to process cards, record and track customer orders, analyze sales figures, create report, connect to other systems in a network, and manage business. We offer POS systems by the today’s most prominent system operators including Apple, Android, GlobalBay and Clover. Agents will have ongoing training and support in the latest technologies in order to better serve their merchants.


Internet Payment Gateways & APIs

Merchant Service Group LLC offers a proprietary EFSnet gateway that lets you earn more income on Internet merchant accounts. The normal industry practice is to charge sales agents additional transaction fees for utilizing third-party gateway vendors such as Authorize.Net and VeriSign. We give our credit card sales agents the option of implementing our proprietary EFSnet gateway, which results in no additional transaction fees added to your cost. This allows you to have a greater earning potential and offer more competitive pricing on Internet merchant accounts.


Free Terminal Program

We provide credit card sales agents the option to place a free credit card terminal for their business clients. Please call to inquire about the Free Terminal Program. Certain restrictions apply.

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