Q: Can I be confident all transactions are securely transmitted for the merchants?

A: Yes. We've successfully processed billions of dollars in transactions for all types of accounts.


Q: Is there a cost to become a credit card sales agent with your company?

A: No. Our only requirement is an overview of your business plan and proof of relevant experience to succeed in this industry such as marketing, sales, and entrepeneurship skills.


Q: How does your company differentiate from other bank card processing companies?

A: We offer a 100% Residual Program for outside sales representatives to earn income from multiple revenue streams. Our 100% Residual Program with lucrative upfront bonuses offers a high pay out per account for credit card sales agents.


Q: How many electronic payment processing companies offer this type of pricing?
A: As of today, we are the only electronic payment processing company that offers this unique Partnership Program to our credit card sales agents.


Q: Are my buy rates competitive enough to provide cost-saving solutions to business owners while sustaining a residual income for myself?

A: Yes. We provide competitive buy rates comparable to the most recently released Visa and MasterCard interchange qualifed discount rates.

Outside sales representatives are equipped with the most competitive buy rates to offer business owners while sustaining a profit margin.


Q: How soon do I get paid on my residual income?

A: Outside sales reps will receive their residual income on the 5th day of every month.


Q: How soon do I get paid upfront bonus and commission?

A: Outside sales reps will receive their bonuses and commissions on a weekly basis.


Q: What is the buy-back option?

A: Our company is well financed to repurchase any size asset portfolio so credit card sales agents may elect to gracefully leave the industry as an exit strategy.


Q: Do we have access to adding, removing, or updating merchant account information anytime?

A: Yes. Our sales offices/agents have complete Web access to manage and monitor their accounts any time.


Q: Which merchant accounts can we approve?

A: We can approve most accounts widely accepted by the industry.


Q: How long does it take to approve these accounts?

A: With our new app, we can approve accounts and issue the MID and TID in as little as 2 hours.


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