Our agents have complete control of managing and monitoring their merchant accounts through our proprietary Sales Force Automation System (SFAS). SFAS is an online management portal that provides independent sales offices with updated merchant information such as merchant profile, transaction history, profitability analysis, approval status, shipment tracking, and more.

Sales Force Automation Software (SFAS)

A comprehensive sales force automation system (SFAS) for credit card sales agents to easily place and manage accounts.

Sales Force Automation System Highlights

  • Online Residual Reporting
  • Online Transaction Reporting
  • Online Merchant View Reporting
  • Instant Mobile Text Messaging Capabilities
  • Customer Relationship Management Capabilities
  • Unified Messaging Integration via SMS Mobile, E-mail, Web-enabled Application
  • Third-Party Sales Lead Capture Interfaces
Home Screen - This is a snapshot of your important updates. Messages, Announcements, Appoint-
ment Scheduler, and Recent Account Statuses.


Sales Lead Generation

The sales lead generation feature capture leads from third-party resources, so sales representatives can easily manage their prospects.

Outside sales representatives can easily manage their prospects with this single-point access lead generation module that is included with the sales force automation system.The lead generation component has an interface that can capture leads from third-party sources such as Web-based forms, predictive dialers, or a comma-delimited file format.




Text Message Notifications

SAFS’s text messaging feature allows credit cards sales representatives to receive account status updates in real time. Agents can receive text message alerts with critical updates on client applications such as missing information, account approvals, shipment tracking numbers, and scheduled deployments. This will help outside sales agents to quickly respond to any open items which may arise during the merchant account approval lifecycle.



1. With your mobile phone, sample our service by sending text message “MSG” to phone number "839863".

2. Wait for a few seconds to receive a text message confirmation.

3. Type your mobile phone number on the textbox below and click "SUBMIT". The format should be 3105551212.

4. A sample account approval message will be sent to your phone.

Enter Mobile Phone Number: (Format 3105551212)



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