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  Top Ten Reasons

Merchant Service Group LLC provides payment processing solutions that allow Independent Sales Offices (ISO) and Sales Agents to implement a seamless process for placing and managing merchant accounts. We offer our ISOs and Agents updated account management software that resolves their accounts quickly and accurately.

Our goal is to become a premier processing provider dedicated to building the business relationship between independent sales offices and their customers. We believe our goal can be achieved with a combination of experienced management staff and proper infrastructure implementation. Merchant Service Group LLC's unique infrastructure was designed for scalability and to specifically accommodate growth in the payment processing industry.

Merchant Service Group LLC believes strongly in superior customer service. Our most recent value-added measure provides customer service in multiple languages: French, Spanish, Chinese (Cantonese), and Japanese. We believe our high level of customer service helps ISOs and Agents achieve the best retention levels in the industry. Please call us for an updated listing of all supported languages.



What makes us different from other merchant acquirers today? Let's start with these top ten reasons:


We are the first and only company that offers sales agents direct processor pricing. No buy rate. No split. 100% above interchange pass-through.  


We are the first and only company that provides SMS mobile alert notifications for real-time account updates.



We developed a revolutionary Sales Force Automation System for ISOs to spend less time on operations and more time on sales.


We accept niche market accounts such as pay-at-pump, multi-lane retail, integrated point-of-sale systems, and supermarkets which yields the largest residual streams.


We assign experienced relationship managers having at least five years in the merchant industry.


We have more than a decade of industry-specific experience.


We offer support in multiple languages for ethnic merchants.


We offer warm leads to experienced Independent Sales Offices (ISOs) and Sales Agents.



We deliver the latest innovative technologies in the payment processing industry.


We offer special pricing on large volume merchants such as supermarkets, petroleum, or franchised department stores.


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